Poor Boy Rich Man

William Ayers is a winner of the sperm lottery. The son of former Commonwealth Edison CEO, Thomas Ayers, he grew up in the tony Chicago suburb of Glen Ellyn and attended the very private Lake Forest Academy. In 1968, he was awarded a B.A. in American Studies from The University of Michigan. He showed his gratitude by becoming a terrorist. Joining the Weather Underground in 1969 Bill Ayers manufactured and set bombs in the Capitol Building and The Pentagon. His most infamous act however was trying to blow up innocent GI’s at a Fort Lee, New Jersey dance.

After his girlfriend, Diana Oughton was and three other well-heeled thugs were killed in 1971 by their own bomb, Ayers and future wife Bernadette Dorn went missing. No doubt drawing on wealthy contacts and donors, they avoided capture for 10 years before surrendering in 1981. After an allegation of prosecutorial misconduct during the long search for Ayers and Dorn, a friendly judge tossed all charges. Bernadette Dorn went on to become a Chicago lawyer. The unrepentant Ayers who regrets only that he, “did not do more” is now Distinguished Professor of Education at the University of Illinois- Chicago.

Jonathon “Bud” Mackey grew up in the Scroggins housing project in Georgetown, Kentucky, a small manufacturing town 12 miles north of Lexington. Essentially, he has no father. Bud Mackey however was not entirely without blessing. He possesses extraordinary basketball talent. He led his Scott County Cardinals to a 34-2 record and the Kentucky high school championship. He accepted a scholarship to Indiana University. Just prior to graduating Mackey was arrested within 1000 yards of a school with 1.6 grams of rock cocaine in his shoe. The weight of the drugs carries a charge of trafficking whether or not Bud intended to sell the crack or not. His once bright future now a black hole, Bud Mackey is in jail.

I couldn’t care less that Ayers and Dorn are big supporters of Barack Obama or that the candidate may be friendly with them, who should one expect the most left wing Senator in Washington to hang around? What is unacceptable is that a cowardly, self-congratulatory domestic terrorist who only by Providence is innocent of mass murder is a Distinguished Professor of Education while a 19 year old boy with a promising future and poor judgment languishes in jail for a first offense possession of five rocks of crack cocaine!
Now is the time for me to ask; where is the outrage. However, I don’t have to ask. The outrage lies at the feet of all Americans who are more fearful and condemning of a poor, thoughtless teenager with a pocketful of drugs than a high born, well-educated gangster with a pocketful of dynamite.