History Making?

Pundits of both right and left characterize the presidential election of 2008 as history making. Only if Barack Obama wins the presidency and carries with him a filibuster proof majority in the Senate will Obama v McCain be truly historic - and then only that it will speed up political processes already underway.

America began a descent into socialism in 1912 when Teddy Roosevelt rent the GOP by forming the Bull Moose Party which permitted the election of progressive Woodrow Wilson. The 16th Amendment a soak-the-rich measure adopted in 1913 allowing a tax on incomes, released a constantly increasing source of funds for an ever-expanding federal government. The Great Depression and WWII accelerated this trend, Franklin Roosevelt and The New Deal ushering in the modern welfare state. The post war period saw a rapid increase in federal subsidies to diverse recipients. Washington's growth continued to spiral through the 1970's as more and more free citizens became wards of the state. The Reagan Revolution offered hope that this inexorable drift into semi-marxism might be reversed. However the Bushes, Elder and Younger, betrayed their legacy, squandering every gain made under Ronaldus Magnus leaving us in the current miasma.

The optimism of talk radio and those who confess a confidence in the American people to reject statism is unfortunately misplaced. The average American is ill educated, totally lacking in understanding of complex political ideas, self-seeking and interested more in barring another's success than in achieving his own. This condition is getting worse rather than better. This sort of electorate is the natural constituency of the socialist. Fed by a leftist popular media willing to openly promote fear and class warfare this storm surge of collectivism is unlikely to be checked absent a taxpayer revolt. Conservatives, here as always and everywhere, are fighting a rear guard action. Our children and grandchildren will likely have to be more aggressive if they are to maintain any freedoms at all.