Of Liars, Obamadens and Poltroons

A woman successfully keeps a household of 4 or 5 children while advancing from small town mayor to governor. A triumph for women every where! Not among the rats and slithering things that make up the left leaning media and the Democrat Party.

Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska and GOP Vice President nominee is being scurrilously vilified by The New York Times, NBC, MSNBC and other supposedly legitimate news organization, not to mention the sewer slime of moveon.org and The Daily Kos. "Can she handle the job and her new downs-syndrome baby"? "What kind of mother is she"? "what about that DUI her husband got"? [22 years ago]. "Her 17 year old daughter is pregnant out of wedlock" they sneer [although she is engaged to the father]. "Too inexperienced" they snicker on and on and on. There must be something wrong with this woman the rest of us are not privy to.

There is something wrong with her, something awful. She is not a Democrat or member of the abortion caucus. Remember Clarence Thomas? One would have thought his heroic rise from abject nothingness to Supreme Court Justice would have been universally celebrated - especially in the black community. Thomas, however was "lynched" by the Negro-Liberal Combine. Of course Justice Thomas is a Republican. You see the racialists, hacks "journalists"and other cretins of the left cannot bear a successful woman or black or any other member of a "victim class" whom it does not own. To do so would be to admit that one can succeed without mother government's help. Such an outcome of course would diminish the endless whine that life in America is too mean and hard unless the state gives you some advantage it has taken from some other hapless schmoo.

These Marxist poltroons want your car, your home, your money and your life. Oblivious of the historical fact that collectivism's only products are corruption, poverty, fear and torture, they will stop at nothing to make us all comrades. Real people are appalled by the egregious abuse heaped on Justice Thomas and Governor Palin. They question how decent people could behave in this manner. Everyday people just can't grasp that the Andrea Mitchells and Keith Olbermans of this world are not decent people. They are true believers in socialism who think their intentions are morally pure and thus they are exempt from behaving morally. They will spare no principle in the effort to convince a majority of the collective knaves, fools and aforementioned schmoos of this country that the Obamadens alone can and will service each and every want they can imagine, and that the dastardly "rich" will pay for it.

We can expect only more of the same from these malefactors. Look for them to trot out an endless number of women to tell other women that this Palin woman is not really a woman. One can only hope that Gov. Palin is as tough as she is described and that she counter attacks without mercy or compromise. If she does she will like Clarence Thomas, achieve the position for which she is nominated.