Back Up and Look Around vol 1

It is very awkward to decry giving tax money to those making so little they pay no tax while at the same time feverishly doling it out to those so rich they can avoid paying any at all.

Were George W. Bush not leaving office in less than 90 days the disgracefully dishonest bill of goods he and Uncle Hank sold the nation would warrant sure impeachment.

An officer at a large regional bank granted over $3billion from TARP laughed derisivly when it was suggested the bank would now be opening the credit windows. "That money wasn't given to loan - it was given so we could buy other banks"

The stock market is off nearly 1500 points since The Messiah's election. All you "middle class" geniuses who voted for change have so far had your 401k's changed by a negative 16%. You earned it.