God Bless The Commonwealth

"The sun shines bright in my old Kentucky home" never sounded so good as it did yesterday. As the nation marched hands-over-eyes into the darkness of marxism Kentucky became a shining beacon of hope. A true land of the free and brave. My Kentucky brothers and sisters not only returned stalwart Senator Mitch McConnell to Washington to bear the torch of freedom and stand against repression but also rejected overwhelmingly the The Prairie Socialist and his call to serfdom.

The nation is lost. With every catastrophe though comes an opportunity. This election proves a great majority of Kentuckians still cherish independence, the rights of property and individual responsibility. Let this great majority unite now behind a new banner, a banner of growth and abundance. Let this great majority demand of our legislature the repeal of the state tax on incomes, on Kentucky businesses, and the union shop. Let us announce to the world that as those who embrace socialism stagnate and decline we in Kentucky will create a rennaissance of prosperity. Put the call out to industry that King Coal furnishes Kentucky the lowest electricity costs in America and that inside our borders we will tolerate no caps, trades or carbon taxes that reduce this advantage or oppress our citizens. We have shown that we will not follow like lemmings over the cliff of collectivism. Let us now invite all those in North America who long to be free to come and join us as we reclaim the Spirit of 1776.