America The Dim

Barack Obama is on the cusp of being elected the first black President of the United States. If he does ride to victory on November 4 it will be on the backs of the willfully ignorant, the biologically silly and the poor. According to Zogby International the post-racial candidate is capturing 70% of voters earning less than $35,000 and has a 14 point lead among independents and women.

Independents, those flinty individualists who vote the “man” rather than the party are the most puzzling of this triumvirate. Disadvantaged neither by nature or man these fiercely stupid voters believe there to be a difference between their man and his party. Since John McCain is the very embodiment of the maverick and Barack the ultimate “party man”, it stretches credulity that a majority of these dopes could support the Prairie Marxist. But such is the nature of the Independent who is too timid to choose sides and too proud to admit it.

At this point I need apologize to the very real set of reasonable women in America which includes both my two daughters and my bride. That said the silliness of the distaff franchise is well evidenced in the last four presidential elections. In 1992 and 1996 women voted overwhelmingly for the misogynist, Bill Clinton, in 2000 for Al Gore, in 2004 for John Kerry and presently for Barack Obama. There is not even one thread of reason connecting this crowd of whore-mongers, cretins and dissemblers which might explain why a group of reasonable people [save the poor] would choose one of them much less each of them. Thus it must be that female American voters as a group are not reasonable people. This however is not of them-selves but by a cruel trick of nature. They are to be excused.

Though as a rule uneducated and dense the poor are here the most rational of voters. They have a real, genuinely American reason to elect Obama. He promises to give them money. Not credits, debits, deductions, offsets or swaps but real money, checks drawn on the Treasury of The United States. These yeomen have retained that spark of American greatness which will permit at least some small hope in the long dark night to come. The lunch-bucketeers understand clearly it is better that Uncle Sam take from others and give to them than vice-versa.

There is a truth here, not a great truth, but a truth nonetheless. By hook or by crook, one may still obtain the American dream, provided one is neither “tetched” by nature nor educated beyond intelligence. If college tuitions can be kept sufficiently high, the nation may yet have a chance.