Don't Blame McCain

I have been following presidential election campaigns for nearly 50 years and have seen some bad candidates. Michael Dukakis was a doofus, McGovern hopeless and Bob Dole bumbling. But none at anytime approach the ineptitude of the stumble-bum John McCain.

McCain is about to lose to a fuzzy-faced, neophyte with an Islamic name, who lacks only the card being a card carrying communist. McCain is losing to a man whose political career began in the living room of a murderous ‘60’s terrorist and who as a member of Trinity Christian Church sat through 20 years of the rantings of a Marxist, racist, anti-Semitic, hate filled and hateful preacher. Have I mentioned he’s black? My dog could beat Barack Obama and she has only 3 feet and is dead!!

The first ham-fisted move McCain made was to anger his base in the Republican Party by announcing he would sign the Kyoto agreements on global climate change. Then he abandoned his very nature to fight a gentler, kinder campaign against one who learned the trade in Chicago’s Democratic machine. Fearing being labeled a racist, McCain refuses to even mention Rev. Jeremiah Wright much less make him a ubiquitous figure in prime time. He has only just now begun to attack Obama as a proto socialist. And while on the economic front only Borat could have bungled the Great Big Bank Bailout worse than the GOP standard bearer. Having seized the high ground by suspending his campaign “until a bill is passed” McCain instead weasel walked right out of Washington job unfinished to participate in the most mundane debate in history. While McCain was in Washington on the on The GBBB, Obama was in Hawaii being filmed body surfing. The Nero fiddled while Rome burned analogy is criminally obvious – but have you seen the Black Kahuna in a McCain attack ad? Not a chance.

I could go on forever but space and time prohibit. Suffice it to say that if America is to avoid a powder less Marxist revolution it won’t be John McCain’s fault.